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I find it very creepy that someone whose username i have never seen before in my life likes the post with the pic of my bandaged finger >_>

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Fight or you won’t survive!

As Kagura would say, I AM STRONG

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Anesthesia’s starting to wear off T___T

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Just my opinion here, but I like villains that die without repenting their actions for a single second*. Particularly when repenting wouldn’t really be in character for them. The Sakurazuka Seishirous, the Sengoku Ryoumas, it’s not in their nature to be…

I’m gonna jump in here and add in some of my thoughts on this: In regards to the flashback scene, I read it as Ryouma was placing a lot of hope and faith in Takatora, because we know that he’s a strong, capable, and intellegent person. The sort of person who draws people to him and wants to get things done. Thing is though, Takatora didn’t really have an “ambition” so much as a “duty”, and that was what I think cause Ryouma’s feelings of admiration into hate. Because he didn’t want to be more then what he was, all he was concerned about was saving as many people as possible by using the research and technology Ryouma built, and he had asked many times before the betrayal if he could speed up the mass production process. And I think that the flaw in Takatora is that he was seeing people as numbers and tools, not maliciously like Michi, but in a way that cuts him off from people and doesn’t allow him to show gratitude for their work, because it’s what he expects them to do (Remember when Sid was talking to Takatora and Takatora said “it doesn’t matter what Ryouma thinks” when discussing the drivers). And he was so much a man who lived for his duty (like a samurai) that he was unable to see the problems unfolding right under his nose (the distance between him and Ryouma that would lead to a mass betrayal ,the stuff with Michi that lead to them being on opposing sides in their last battle). And don’t get me wrong, Takatora still is my favorite character in Gaim and probably one of my top 5 riders period, but he is a very flawed man who, I think, if he was able to see past his duty and ask himself “what does he want? is this the most you can do? the most you can get out of life?”, and maybe said different words to Ryouma during that conversation, Ryouma wouldn’t have turned into the man we knew him as and died as. He choose not to take power when so many people expected/wanted him to, and put faceless people above the ones closest to him, and that was what ultimately was his sin.

(P.S. I did however want Ryouma to at least have some sort of flashback or recognition of Takatora before he died, to show that despite how they ended up on different paths, they were once friends and he had faith in him, and considering the rather sad end note we see Roshou and his queen end on, well, I feel like there could have been more there. But hey, can’t have everything I guess.)

Takatora’s one of my all-time favorites too, I’m a sucker for tragic heroes like him <3

Now, personally I don’t know that he puts faceless masses above those close to him. He certainly was all about protecting his little brother, afterall.  I would say his flaw was his inability to underdstand that not everyone close to him had the same noble goals that he did.

But that’s nitpicking, I absolutely agree that for Ryouma this was about ambition, for Takatora it was about duty.

As to a reference to Takatora… I choose to believe that he was so vicious about breaking Micchi because he was resentful/jealous/whatever that it was Micchi and not himself that was Takatora’s demise. It’s my headcanon and no one can take it away!

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themagpielife replied to your post: Oopsies :D;;

The important thing is: CAN YOU OPEN OTTO’S CANS??

Soft-food comes in easy open baggies :D

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what the hell did you do? O_o

I cut my finger with a breadknife. While cutting bread. They gave me 4 stitches!

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Oopsies :D;;

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Just my opinion here, but I like villains that die without repenting their actions for a single second*. Particularly when repenting wouldn’t really be in character for them. The Sakurazuka Seishirous, the Sengoku Ryoumas, it’s not in their nature to be sorry at the end. It’s part of what makes them great villains.

What I’m saying is I think Ryouma’s death was all around great. It was satisfying, and I say that as someone that absolutely loved the character. Come on, he was more than a little bit unhinged by megalomania. This was never a dude that was going to turn around and be sorry for all the horrible crap he did… and frankly, I wouldn’t have wanted him to. I like that he ended how he did. It fits the character perfectly.

*I also like characters like Prince Zuko. His WAS a redemption arc, and it was always meant to be that, and it was great. A heel face turn is fine when it makes sense for the character and is a good story. His story 

For Ryouma, why would he be sorry for what he did when he was still operating under the assumption that he was going to save the world

He isn’t sorry for anything he did because he still believed he was doing what was right. I’d say that just calling him a megalomaniac and leaving it at that is diminishing his character somewhat. 

We saw the flashback. It was included for a reason. Ryouma didn’t start off thinking he, his intelligence, and his research were the only way to save the world. He believed in Takatora, and Takatora believed in him.

Unhinged? Absolutely. Because he wanted to rule the world? I don’t think so. 

Sometimes I don’t use precisely the absolute correct words (I could pull out the “english is my second language” card, but it happens in spanish too, so that’s not really valid). Like, for most off the series, I considere him more an antagonist than a villain, but in the end he did go more villainy, so using “villain” was shorthand, sort of. As for megalomaniac, maybe it’s not appropriate in that what he wanted wasn’t power. It was knowledge, but his thirst for knowledge, to me, seemed like a megalomaniac’s thirst for power. But I don’t know that there’s a word for that. So, I agree, he never wanted to rule the world, bad word choice on my part, I suppose. 

Now, this may be just my opinion, but I think the flashback established that Ryouma’s aim wasn’t primarily saving the world, it was getting the knowledge to give Takatora the ultimate power. Throughout the series Ryouma, as I read the character, is concerned with getting that knowledge, and not really with saving the world. Maybe it started out that way, but it sure turned into something else along the way.

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